In the era of globalization, MICE Industry in Indonesia has shown rapid growth. Indonesia is increasingly recognized as an attractive destination for MICE tourism market. Within the past few years, a growing number of MICE activities, both nationally and internationally, held in Indonesia, in many Venues and cities across Indonesia. These developments provide a multiplier effect for Indonesian business growth. Not only served to increase tourism in Indonesia , MICE industry is also a strong indicator for the development of the nation. Therefore, this development provides a promising business opportunity With supported by a reliable expert MICE personnels, good quality of service, product innovation and MICE services, extensive networking with international venue, Prima Convex present as a reliable and Professional Exhibition / Event Organizer (PEO).


Corporates Conferences
(FGD, Table Top, Workshop, Seminar, Pelatihan)


Trips planned by companies as a reward or training for employees. Also called corporate incentive/training tour
(Gathering, Outbound, Site Visit, Anniversary)


General assemblies, academic conferences hosted by international and academic organizations/associations
International Conference


Cultural and sporting events, as well as trade shows and exhibitions
(Fair, Bazar, Special Event, Festival, Expo, Special Design)